Benefits Of Swimming After 40

Swimming with Lifeguard Course is a sport and, in addition, it can be an excellent hobby. Whether it’s because of its many benefits or how much fun it can be, swimming is a good way to keep your body healthy. But can older adults do it? The answer is yes. Immerse yourself with us and discover some tips and benefits of this activity.

The main benefits of this activity for older adults are:

Tones muscle mass, increases flexibility and relieves pain and inflammation in the joints.

It helps regulate breathing, strengthens the heart, regulates blood pressure and reduces cardiac risk.

It allows the elderly to be in shape and regain their agility.

Contact with water reduces stress levels, allowing older adults to present more spirit and energy during the time it is practiced.

It promotes a healthy lifestyle, improves self-esteem, and serves as recreation as well as socializing.

live the swimming

It is recommended to develop this sport at least twice a week and for a minimum time of 30 minutes. Perform movements in series and repetitions in the water.

But, if swimming alone seems boring to you, you can schedule group activities in which you can socialize and enjoy a pleasant day. Our Chronos Lap Pool in Riviera del Golf is perfect to activate your desire to swim and exercise your body in the process.

In order to have a good time underwater, the ideal temperature should be between 28 and 34 degrees, this way you will ensure you enjoy yourself and even relieve muscle pain.

It is important to keep in mind that many health problems begin after the age of 50, so avoiding a sedentary life will help maintain motivation and energy to achieve a healthier life.

Before you dive in…

Use basic implements: a comfortable swimsuit, hat and aquatic goggles.

Wear non-slip shoes when moving out of the pool and in the showers.

Stay hydrated by taking short but regular sips of fluid.

Check the quality of the water and its surroundings, which must be clean to avoid, for example, skin diseases.

Be careful with changes in temperature when leaving the pool, dry quickly to avoid possible chills and colds.

Be careful with these conditions:

Although it is a beneficial sport for the body and mind, it is important to be careful with certain conditions that may occur.

Avoid swimming if you have unhealed skin wounds, due to the high risk of infection. Although it is a slightly injurious sport, it can cause some discomfort, for example, in the shoulder, in which case the swimming style must be adjusted.

If you feel any pain, it is essential to diligently visit your doctor for a check-up and to rule out any physical alteration.

Immerse yourself in Riviera del Golf

Our project has all the spaces you need to satisfy different activities. One of those spaces is precisely ours: Chronos Lap Pool. Here you will tone your body with the aforementioned benefits of swimming. Visit our sales room and learn much more about this comprehensive project.

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