Benefits of swimming

This Vernon If you are considering starting to swim in either the pool or the sea, take note of this information. Swimming is one of the most recommended sports by doctors, a perfect physical activity to be done at any age due to its small impact on the joints with lifeguard course.

Swimming is a very complete sport and is a perfect exercise for summer

This sport helps us improve endurance and flexibility. In addition, it is practiced at any age, regardless of physical condition. Although as with any aerobic exercise, it is advisable not to over -train in the first few days to avoid numbness or discomfort.

Many people like swimming and it is also one of the most recommended by doctors. It’s a great therapeutic method To improve certain health problems, the benefits of swimming will help us to have better health.

This sport can be practiced all year round, because at the moment we find so many Municipal outdoor pools and heated indoor pools that you have no excuse not to practice it.

We will tell you about its benefits below!

The benefits of swimming

Not only does it keep us physically fit, it is the first thing we always think about with exercise. Swimming is so much more than that, keep reading these lines to find out what the best benefits are.

It is beneficial for bone health

Swimming has little effect on bones and joints , because our body “weighs less” in the water and we swim. This way, he does not get the blow that our knee could have received on the asphalt. For this reason, specialists recommend when a person needs to recover from an injury.

People with arthritis benefit greatly from this sport because it reduces joint pain and stiffness

Improve our muscle flexibility

Furthermore, elasticity is also improved with this exercise.

When we swim, we use the vast majority of muscle groups, both in the legs and in the arms. In addition, the joints will be more flexible and the muscles will be toned and strengthened, especially those of the back.

So, if you suffer from any of the following diseases, we recommend swimming as soon as possible:


  1. Lumbago
  2. Hip problems

This will lower your body fat index

Although it is something “obvious”, every sport helps us to lose weight and lose grams or kilograms of fat. For this reason, many people are encouraged to swim because it is a highly sought after sport that burns a lot of calories. Swimming is estimated to average 500 and 600 calories per hour of training, of course, which will always depend on the intensity used during the sport.

That’s why doctors recommend including swimming in the routines of those who start a weight loss program, always in combination with a change in eating habits.

It is beneficial to fight chronic diseases

If you suffer from any chronic disease, exercising in a moderate and constant way will always be beneficial for your body. While it is true that every person is different and their body reacts differently, the effects of swimming can help lower our blood cholesterol levels while helping us increase our good cholesterol.

Studies show that people with paraplegic problems who have been swimming for a long time have improved their cholesterol levels and reduced their chances of having a heart attack .

Take care of our backs

Another reason why many people do this sport is because their doctors recommend swimming to take care of back pain. Many people suffer from pain as a result of posture, scoliosis or any other problem

Affecting that area . In addition, swimming in this aspect improves the symptoms and restores all the pain we feel.

They improve our cognitive activity

Swimming not only brings us physical benefits, but also benefits us nervously and cognitively, that is, it takes care of our mind. When we play sports, we activate two brain hemispheres and the four lobes of the brain.

This improves our cognitive system and prevents possible stroke in the long run. , although there is no scientific evidence to support that sport frees you from this type of accident or pathology. However, it never hurts to do sports to clear our minds and feel better.

Strengthens the circulatory and respiratory systems

Finally, swimming benefits us because it improves oxygen consumption by up to 10% . Sport provides great improvement of the lungs, in addition, it is estimated that the heart can push blood up to 18% more. This would prove to be better circulation as the heart rate decreases.

Swimming improves the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems. Swimming, although it may not seem like it, has an aerobic rhythm that allows us to improve our heart rhythm. It is also an ideal sport for people suffering from heart disease, because in addition, it makes us increase cardiorespiratory endurance.

This summer do not hesitate, whether you are at sea, in the pool of your neighborhood or in the municipal pool, give a chance to swim.

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