Common Painting Myths You Need To Know

There are myths about everything today. So won’t there be myths about painting? Oh yes, there are many painting myths people have to date. The most important thing about the myths is that they need to be burst so that more people can know the reality.

You may have heard myths about the titan spray gun parts and many other painting tools and techniques. Due to these myths, many people fall to painting the surface professionally.

This myth-breaking article is all about giving you more awareness about the painting and breaking all the fall rumors about it so that you gain more knowledge related to painting.

Let’s start!

1.     A Primar Is Not Necessary For A Clean & Smooth Wall

Many people consider seeing their walls clean & smooth and think those walls may not require a primer as it is already even. Most people also clean the wall with cloth and think now they can save up the cost of the primer.

Though cleaning the walls is also essential, we need to bust this myth that after that you should not apply a primer. If you want the paint on your walls to stick for the longest time, increasing the durability of the paint on the walls: you must apply primer as priming the walls is an essential step.

2.   If You Apply Darker Paint, Your Room Will Appear Smaller

This myth may come as a surprise for you as the reason your room may look smaller can not only be because of the darker color on the walls. You can not blame the spaciousness of the room alone for the color of the walls. Many factors contribute to the spaciousness of the room instead of just the color.

It depends on the amount and size of furniture available in the room, as lighting can also play a big part in making your place look more spacious or smaller. If these two factors are in consideration, the color may not add to make an impact on the spaciousness of the room.

3.   You Can Only Paint On A Sunny Day

It may be true to apply paint only on sunny days in the older times. Those times did not have high-quality paints, which may not stick to the wall as they should in better temperature.

Today, it is mostly a myth that you can only paint on a sunny day as now there is a variety of paints available in the market having good quality. Today, these paints can stick to the walls better and dry as quickly as possible despite the weather as no more sunny days are essential for painting.

4.   You Do Not Require A Professional To Paint

Although it seems easy and cheap to paint by yourself at home, it may not always be possible. You can do this if the area of the house you are painting is small or unmaterial.

But if you have an essential and dominating area to paint, you should always look into hiring a professional unless you are a pro at painting. You do not want to ruin the most dominating wall of your house to save a few pennies. Trying out new things is fun until it becomes a pain.

5.    You Can Save The Paint To Apply Later

We all have the habit of saving the product for later use and then re-using it for some money. It isn’t the case for the paints as you should use the bottle of paint you open once or make sure to cover it as before tightly as you can to protect the paint from drying out.

Also, there is a possibility that the color of the paint staying to re-use may fade its color, and the color may not be the same when you have to do a tough-up on the walls. So, it is sharp if you buy or make the amount of color that is required instead of stocking it up later.

Conclusion: Bursting Painting Myths

These are only a few, most essential painting myths you do not need to believe in as people spread many rumors, but only your experiences should speak for what is true and what’s not.

Best of luck!

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