Best Human Resource Management software for 2022

There are many HR software available in marker now days. We talk about best HRMS (human resource management software) Software in 2022.

  1. Timelabs

Sometimes managing the data of human resources for every employee becomes a challenge. Making online attendance, feeding in your time of entry and exit, and keeping track of employees’ performance is now easier through Timelabs software.

It offers all of the essential HR functions like leave, attendance, payroll, and employee self-services. It uses the latest top-of-the-line technology to provide its customers with the top HR software available in India. Their widely used HR functions generally benefit every industry with hotels, IT, banking, & finance education.

  1. Enablehr

 Enabler is known for its ability to provide the most innovative HR solutions for HR. Its web-based Human Resource software provided by Enablehr simplifies the obligation to comply for HR personnel. It works with Webapp, the Webapp operating system. Furthermore, they offer cloud-based deployment. The method of payment for their onboarding software currently is each month. They currently have more than 11,000 companies that use their software across the globe. Enablehr will meet your needs and requirements for human resources and WHS bases.

  1. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

Human Resource Management Software or HR automation software digitise and automate regular repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides one of the best HRMS software Pune with customizable tools that handle the daily routine of an HR efficiently.

  1. BambooHR

 BambooHR is well-known for its one-stop platform to track your employees. With this program, you do not need to keep diverse data records in different locations. You are granted full liberty for studying and controlling, sorting and accessing data at any time. The HRIS software is adaptable and can meet the needs of its customers. It can be integrated with other services, including the tracking of applications, payroll, etc.

This, in turn, reduces their burden. It is highly recommended to increase your business’s efficiency overall. The customer support has been highly rated, i.e., 5/5 on their software. But, unfortunately only a few users believe that the software is not appropriate for large Enterprises.

  1. HRMThread

 The payroll software offered by HRMThread is hosted on the internet. It has earned the trust of 5000+ clients. It is widely acclaimed because it makes the difficult task of identifying the problem a breeze. The reason that user’s love the app so much is that it offers tracking features. Additionally, the software can be a great tool for managing other HR tasks like leaving and employee exits. The features of this software are user-friendly and flexible.

  1. PeopleApex

The primary goal behind the development of peopleapex is that PeopleApex product line is to streamline the entire HR process. The automation is achieved by integrating these systems with the 360-degree method and payroll. They are equipped with Psychometric Tests and additional tests for general employee performance evaluation. It is based on the best practices from different industries working together to deliver the best possible experience for customers. They provide employees with the tools to be successful and managers through ‘Employee self-service and ‘Manager self-service’ programs. Top technologies are an essential aspect of their business.

  1. HumanWare Technology

 HumanWare Technology is a one-stop source for all your HR requirements. With their assistance, you can now complete all of your HR-related tasks using modern HR tools. They’re known to offer support related to automation and digitization of HR services across multiple companies.

HR personnel. They have implemented AI in their current research. They are using AI Artificial Intelligence to fasten the HR process. They’re also working on various modules that will highlight all the issues faced by HR professionals. They have over 100 happy customers up to date.

  1. Freshworks

 Their clients range from HR, sales marketing, customer service, and IT. Their offerings are easy to use, quick, easy to implement, and accessible to many customers. They have over 1000apps on their market and tie to 400+ partner companies, making it huge and admirable. In the past, Freshworks launched an excellent CRM software called Freshsales.


This list contains various HR Software that competes with each other. It is important to choose the most suitable one to use, and you must consider the needs of your business and remain within your budget. It’s easy to be lured by the latest features that aren’t being used. It is essential to establish the proper HR structure to prevent future problems.


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