How Incident Detection Video Analytics Helps to Sort Out Traffic Incidents

With the expansion in the road network, traffic patterns are getting more complex each day. Some parts of the road network have higher congestion levels. It means there are higher risks of unexpected incidents that could be a threat of economic loss and human safety.

Incident detection video analytics or AID (automatic incident detection can help you monitor traffic status and detect incidents on the entire road network. Road networks with CCTV cameras and an extensive range of detectors produce the base for the continuous monitoring. These detectors facilitate traffic operations with real-time data on speed, flow, and occupancy. Control centre operators can use their outputs to detect incidents more quickly.

Advice to get rid of traffic incidents

Automatic incident detection video analytics relies on the comprehensive coverage and monitoring of the CCTV cameras and sensors installed on road networks. The respective personnel enhance the geographical and accuracy with the installation of additional cameras and sensors. Here are some tools that you need to install for having more accuracy on incident detection:

  • Traffic sensors – Traffic sensors helping the authorised persons in traffic monitoring or survey purposes might not facilitate in detecting incidents automatically. As the concerned person, you may need extra traffic sensors to improve coverage and accuracy.  
  • CCTV systems – Images or videos clicked by CCTV cameras produce reliable information on flow, occupancy, and speed that serve the main purpose of surveillance. You should consider what issues may prevail and how you can sort out the same for more accuracy in incident detection.

Some CCTV cameras have features to facilitate the adjustment of the Tilt, Pan, and zoom setting. This adjustment is not good for the detection of incidents. While installing the cameras, you should keep the mounting height and coverage in mind. As far as possible, opt for installing thermal cameras at the place where there is no light for the time after the sunset.

  • Hard shoulder running – Automatic incident detection is crucial when there is designation of hard shoulders as normal travel lanes partially. For example, there is a detection of an incident on the hard shoulder during a particular time. There is a need for an alert for approaching vehicles and the closure of hard shoulder running.
  • Detecting flow breakdown – There is a breakdown in the traffic flow due to excess traffic demand. As a result, there is a long queue and an increase in the collisions of vehicles and allied incidents. With incident detection video analytics, detecting unusual queues and incidents become more comfortable.


Incident detection video analytics is highly useful. With the installation of additional CCTV cameras, traffic sensors, traffic flow breakdown detection, and hard shoulder running, the accuracy of incident detection can be higher and more accurate.

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