SharePoint Spaces: Mixed Reality at Microsoft

SharePoint Spaces: Microsoft has announced its intention to bring SharePoint to its Mixed Reality platform, a fusion of augmented and virtual reality.

Augmented reality vs virtual reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality should not be confused!

Virtual is an adjective that refers to artificially created situations, objects, and sensations, such as reconstructing a world parallel to the real one. Therefore, when we talk about virtual reality, we refer to an environment created through electronic processing and made truthful using technologies that give the feeling, to those who use them, of being really immersed in that scenario. (eg 3D film).

Instead, when we talk about augmented reality we refer to something that already exists around us but that is modified and enriched with animations and digital content that allow us to have a deeper knowledge of the environment around us.

Mixed Reality: fusion of virtual and augmented reality

As we said at the beginning, augmented reality and virtual reality should not be confused, however … they can be merged! In fact, from the encounter between augmented reality and virtual reality systems, mixed reality was born, a technology that allows those who use it to immerse themselves in an alternative environment, while continuing to interact with the surrounding environment.

Mixed reality at Microsoft: SharePoint Spaces

Microsoft continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and mixed reality is one of the most important trends in technology.

As stated by Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President for OneDrive, during the SharePoint Conference held in May in Las Vegas, mixed reality immerses, engages the senses, and stimulates curiosity and imagination to unlock new scenarios of communication, learning and collaboration. Microsoft has announced SharePoint Spaces, thus expressing its desire to bring SharePoint within its mixed reality platform.

SharePoint Spaces application examples

SharePoint Spaces, the new feature announced by Microsoft, will allow companies to create immersive environments, thanks to the use of mixed reality.

Let’s see some fields of application of the new Microsoft technology:

Personnel selection.

Suppose we are in the interview. Thanks to mixed reality, we will be able to accompany the candidate on a 360-degree corporate tour, simply by sitting in the office. Or again, the organizational structure can be presented to him thanks to the use of an interactive organization chart.

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Staff training.

Users will be able to explore personalized, relevant, and dynamic content, not only by reading but by experimenting through the senses. The visualization of data and documents will be possible using a viewer for mixed reality such as HoloLens, as well as directly, through a traditional Web interface.

SharePoint Spaces will soon be integrated into Office 365 commercial subscriptions.

We look forward to experiencing it as soon as possible!

What are the advantages offered?

SharePoint is a web application platform, designed to support large companies and Public Administrations in the creation of intranet and/or extranet web portals for large user flows, in file sharing and archiving, to streamline data management work. and work more efficiently, enhancing teamwork and the performance of business processes in all simplicity and safety.

What are the benefits of using  Microsoft SharePoint?

  • Easily manage portals intended for large flows of users
  • Mobile and easy to use the intranet
  • Efficient and rapid document management
  • Easy and effective document storage and sharing (Example: different users can interact remotely, opening the same document to view and/or modify it)
  • Enhancement and streamlining of work processes
  • Increase in business performance
  • Scalability of the environment

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SharePoint is developed with Microsoft technology based on .Net frames, with C # programming languages. The database used is SQL Server.



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