Dudhsagar waterfall trek – complete guide

Dudhsagar waterfall trek – Dudhsagar waterfalls, located in the village of Kulem, in Sanguem taluka of South Goa, are one of the tallest falls on earth with a total height of 1203 meters (3937 feet). The name Dudhsagar falls is derived from the Hindi word doodh, meaning milk and sagar, meaning ocean, hence Milk Ocean. To get to these spectacular falls you will have to cross several streams, wade through knee-deep water and use ladders and ropes to climb down rocks before you finally reach them.

About Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Falls, located in Karnataka, is a famous waterfall and one of its kind. The beauty of Dudhsagar falls attract thousands of tourists every year. The name ‘Dudh’s river’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘Doodh’ which means milk and ‘Sagara’ means ocean hence it gets its name DudhSagar or Milk Ocean. The importance of Dudhsagar Waterfall trek  cannot be ignored as it provides an alternative source for potable water to many villages surrounding Goa and South Canara districts near Dandeli forest area via Gersoppe dam. It has also been declared as one of 48 places to visit in India by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, USA.

The Trek

Dudhsagar waterfalls is about 100 km from Goa, in a small village called Kambdi (which means elephant in Konkani) which is around 30 kms off Mapusa, North Goa. This adventurous & eco-friendly Dudhsagar Trek route takes you through beautiful forests along hilly terrain and offers mesmerizing views of Dudhsagar Falls. The best time to take on an experience like Dudh Sagar falls is between November to June as it gets too hot during summer. It also gets very wet in monsoon season due to heavy rains so be prepared with good quality walking shoes and socks along with a poncho or raincoat if you are planning on making a trip during that time of year.

Accommodation Options at Panjim Inn

Guests can choose to stay at Panjim Inn for comfortable accommodation. The rooms are reasonably priced and offer great value for money. All room types have attached bathrooms with hot/cold running water facility, air-conditioning, TV set with cable connection, an attached balcony and a seating area in each room. Guests also have access to in-room tea/coffee makers and complimentary bottled drinking water.

Best Time to Visit Panjim Inn in Goa

Panjim Inn is located at a distance of 1.5 km from Dudhsagar Waterfall. The best time to visit Panjim Inn in Goa for tourism would be between October and April.

How to Reach Panjim Inn from Goa Airport?

Dudhsagar waterfalls is nearly 200km from Panjim and can be reached in 3 hours by private taxi. The best place to stay is near Mandovi River as most of Dudhsagar treks will start from here. You may also get accommodation at Calangute or Anjuna beaches, but they are 5–7 km away from your starting point.

Where is the Nearest Railway Station from Panjim Inn?

Dudhsagar Waterfall is situated in South Goa and it is known as ‘Niagara of India’. The nearest railway station from Panjim Inn is Thivim Railway Station (19 km). By train, you can easily reach Dudhsagar Waterfall from Panjim Inn. After reaching Thivim Railway Station, take a bus/taxi to reach Dudhsagar Waterfall. It will take about 45 minutes to travel by bus/taxi. The frequency of public transport is not very high between Thivim Railway Station and Dudhsagar Waterfall so one should plan accordingly to avoid disappointment in case there are no buses or taxis available at that time to make way to DudhSagar Waterfall.

Check out Our Best Tips While Traveling To Panjim Inn

Dudhsagar Falls is one of India’s largest waterfalls and it is situated in Goa, which is a popular tourist destination for most Indians. The word Dudhsagar comes from Marathi, which means ‘Sea of Milk’. The highest point of Dudhsagar waterfalls stands at 590 m (1,938 ft). DudhSagar Waterfall attracts tourists from all around because of its sheer magnificence. It is also famous for being one of India’s tallest waterfalls with a height of about 600 feet. It can be easily reached from Panjim by hiring an auto rickshaw or cab to take you to Pernem, where you can hire a boat that will take you to Bambolim Jetty. From there you can hire another boat that will take you to Dudhsagar falls. There are two routes to reach Dudhsagar falls: through Bambolim village or through Pernem village; both are beautiful but different in their own way. The route through Bambolim leads through dense forest area while the Pernem route leads through open fields and villages dotted with coconut trees on either side of river Zuari.


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